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FF7 Rebirth: How To Learn Enemy Attacks With Enemy Skill Materia

Closing Fantasy VII Rebirth pits you in opposition to numerous enemies, lots of which have skills your characters can deploy in opposition to them and different enemies through the Enemy Talent materia. Discovered within the authentic 1997 FF7 launch, Enemy Talent works slightly in another way in 2024. You’ll want to finish a collection of battles along with scanning enemies through the Assess materia.

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You additionally gained’t be capable of unlock the entire Enemy Expertise till you’ve visited every area within the recreation. The excellent news is that you could get this materia relatively early, so you possibly can earn progress towards every ability as you play by the principle recreation and go about finishing open world duties.

The right way to get Enemy Talent materia

You will get Enemy Talent materia as quickly as you meet Chadley and may leap into his fight simulator. After finishing “Organic Intel: Know Thine Enemy,” you’ll get the Enemy Talent materia and may begin utilizing it instantly with Sonic Growth.

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Because you’ll must degree up the Enemy Talent materia to unlock new challenges within the simulator, and thus new skills, I like to recommend combining this materia with the AP Up materia to extend how a lot AP it earns from every battle.

Studying new Enemy Expertise

Studying every new enemy ability has 4 steps: First, you’ll must clear the Stage prerequisite for the materia. You then’ll must scan numerous totally different enemies in a given area, adopted by finishing the Categorized Intel quest of that given area (these are mini-boss fights that unlock after finishing a area’s Fiend Intel duties).

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Lastly, you’ll want to finish a selected “Organic Intel” mission in Chadley’s fight simulator to really study a brand new enemy ability.

Sonic Growth – Beginning Means

Sonic Growth is each an assault and buffing potential. Not solely will it unleash a wind magic assault in opposition to your enemy, however the caster will acquire Bravery and Religion, which will increase your bodily and magic assaults respectively.

Plasma Discharge – Stage 2

As soon as your Enemy Talent materia hits Stage 2 and you’ve assessed 16 totally different enemies within the Grasslands (along with finishing this area’s Categorized Intel job), you’ll acquire entry to “Organic Intel: Blinded by Gentle.”

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Upon completion you’ll study Plasma Discharge, which infuses your bodily strikes with lightning injury and unleashes an area-of-effect space whenever you earn an ATB cost.

Spot one thing not fairly proper?

FF7 Rebirth is a large RPG, so forgive me if a element or two isn’t fairly proper. Should you spot something incorrect on this information, let me know at suggestions@Prime Time News24 with the hyperlink to this information within the e-mail.

Soothing Breeze – Stage 2

At Enemy Talent materia Stage 2, and upon assessing 10 distinctive foes in Junon and taking down the Categorized Intel quest on this area, you possibly can tackle “Organic Intel: At Any Value” within the simulator to study Soothing Breeze.

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This potential helps you to heal your self and social gathering members in a given (although generously sized) space.

Self-Destruct – Stage 3

No, this isn’t the spell I forged on myself each Friday evening. Self-Destruct is unlockable as soon as Enemy Talent hits Stage 3, you’ve accomplished Corel’s Categorized Intel quest, assessed 25 totally different monsters in Corel (contains the seashore and space surrounding the Gold Saucer), and have accomplished “Organic Intel: At Any Value.”

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A self-explanatory assault, Self-Destruct helps you to blow your self as much as deal a bunch of harm to enemies in your neighborhood.

Thoughts Blast – Stage 4

Elevate Enemy Talent materia to Stage 4, assess 14 totally different enemies in Gongaga, full this area’s Categorized Intel quest, and clear “Organic Intel: Head Case” to study Thoughts Blast. This assault each offers injury and paralyzes a goal.

Rancid Breath – Stage 4

One other potential you possibly can study at Enemy Talent materia degree 4, you’ll must assess 15 distinctive enemies within the Cosmo Canyon area, end off the Categorized Intel combat right here, and full “Organic Intel: That’s the Scent” to study this one.

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Rancid Breath, typically deployed by the traditional Malboro enemy, blankets an space with a mist that has an opportunity to trigger Petrify, Poison, Silence, Sleep, and/or Cease in your enemies.

Gorgon Defend – Stage 5

The ultimate Enemy Talent you possibly can study requires you to lift the materia to Stage 5, wrap up the Categorized Intel exercise in Nibel, assess 16 totally different enemies, after which knock out “Organic Intel: Stony Stare” within the simulator to study Gorgon Defend. As soon as forged, this defend casts Petrify on enemies who assault you.

Although you’ll solely get one orb of Enemy Talent materia in Rebirth, that is positively one you don’t wish to miss. Every of those skills can provide you an edge on tough boss fights and make lesser enemies far simpler.



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