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Dragon's Dogma 2 – How To Complete Till Death Do Us Part

Some quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 take you to far-flung areas. Nonetheless, there’s one specifically that leads you to an space that is crawling with the undead. Our information discusses the right way to full Until Demise Do Us Half in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Likewise, please be reminded that this text incorporates minor spoilers.

Learn how to full Until Demise Do Us Half in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Until Demise Do Us Half is a aspect quest that comes from an NPC within the capital metropolis of Vernworth. First, you will have to speak to an NPC named Oswald, who normally strolls round close to the fountain. He’ll let you know a few tyrannical fella named Ser Ludolph.

Subsequent, communicate with a girl named Margit, who’s in entrance of the Watchhead’s Residence. Don’t fret–she’s not the Margit that you just’re considering of, so no “fell omen” would happen.

Margit claims that Ser Ludolph has been visiting her house usually since her husband, Ser Gregor, was tasked to go to the Illdoers’ Resting Place. She then realizes Ludolph’s nefarious plot and implores you to avoid wasting her husband.


Left: A map exhibiting the areas of Oswald and Margit; Proper: Converse with Margit to start out the hunt.

Learn how to go to the Misty Marshes

To finish the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Until Demise Do Us Half quest, you could go to the Misty Marshes. There are 3 ways to get there.

A map exhibiting the paths that result in the Misty Marshes and Illdoers’ Resting Place.

From Harve Village: Should you’ve solely been exploring the northern a part of the world map, you may comply with the roads that lead north of Harve Village. Then, go throughout the stone bridge to the west. A slim path takes you to a piece that is shrouded in a darkish fog.

From Checkpoint Relaxation City/Historical Battleground: The second technique has you following the trail east of the Historical Battleground (which can be near the place you meet the Sphinx). The gate that leads north is barred, however you may climb on rock formations or the Cenotaph’s ramparts to bypass it. It’s best to be capable to destroy the wood plank to unlock the gate when you’re behind it.

From the Sphinx Mountain Shrine: The third possibility is for individuals who are already tackling the Sphinx’s riddles on the Mountain Shrine (observe that it’s best to have a Portcrystal positioned on the Mountain Shrine for quick journey functions). Flip round on the steps and it’s best to see a campsite. From that spot, there is a slim move that takes you to an deserted village near the Illdoers’ Resting Place.


From left to proper: Heading to the Misty Marshes by the use of the stone bridge north of Harve Village, the Historical Battleground, and the hidden path alongside the Mountain Shrine.

Exploring the Misty Marshes to achieve the Illdoers’ Resting Place

Should you picked the primary two choices, you will end up in a large space that is utterly coated in fog. Not solely is visibility low, however you will additionally must deal with Bandits, Skeleton Warriors, Zombies, and Phantoms–yes, the undead will spawn whatever the time of day. The minimap additionally will not present you the roads, so you will have to depend on torches/braziers to mild the way in which.

Your purpose is to achieve the deserted village, which has a campsite and a Riftstone. Should you look barely to the east, it’s best to see a small island in the midst of the lake. There, you will discover Ser Gregor and his troops battling a creature often known as the Dullahan, also referred to as the Headless Horseman.

Word: Should you comply with the braziers going to the south, you will finally attain a Griffin’s nest. Defeat the beast and choose up a particularly uncommon reusable Portcrystal.


Left: The Misty Marshes is a darkish and dreary space that is crawling with undead; Proper: Ser Gregor’s squad and the Dullahan are combating on an island.

Learn how to defeat the Dullahan and rescue Ser Gregor

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Dullahan is a monster boss, and it is also pretty uncommon. In actual fact, the creature you face as a part of this quest is the one one we encountered in our playthrough.

The Dullahan makes use of its scythe to carve up foes. Furthermore, its disembodied head can name on misplaced souls that fly towards its opponents. Likewise, it might probably “Drive Choke” characters, then toss them away like nothing. It even teleports periodically.

Maybe essentially the most harmful side of this battle is that Ser Gregor can die completely. This happens if the Dullahan does any of its knockback assaults and Ser Gregor is thrown into the lake. The search log will even let you know that you just failed to avoid wasting him. As such, we propose battling the Dullahan near the middle of the island. If it goes close to the lake, you would possibly need to choose up and carry Gregor away from it simply to be secure.

The Dullahan's shriek causes nearby characters to collapse.
The Dullahan’s shriek causes close by characters to break down.

In any case, there are two methods to efficiently full the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Until Demise Do Us Half quest:

  • Make the Dullahan teleport away – If the Dullahan has taken sufficient injury, it’s going to enrage. Its spectral head will connect to its physique, and it’ll periodically shriek and trigger characters to break down. Should you’re unable to deal numerous injury to it inside a minute or so, it’s going to teleport and escape.
  • Defeat the Dullahan – In fact, when you can handle to defeat it, then it’s going to drop 300 RC, in addition to a number of Cursed Dullahan Bone supplies. You will additionally obtain the “Earlier than Daybreak Breaks” achievement.
Avoid fighting the Dullahan if it moves close to the lake's waters.Avoid fighting the Dullahan if it moves close to the lake's waters.
Keep away from combating the Dullahan if it strikes near the lake’s waters.

Until Demise Do Us Half rewards

No matter what occurs to the Dullahan, it’s best to return to Margit in Vernworth. Should you managed to avoid wasting Ser Gregor, you will obtain 2,800 XP, 5,000 gold, the Steeled Advantage (sword), and the Lustrous Targe (protect). Likewise, you will study of how Ser Ludolph met a becoming finish.

Nonetheless, if Ser Gregor perished within the battle, you will not obtain the Lustrous Targe in any respect, and Margit will really feel distraught at her husband’s dying.

Saving Ser Gregor nets you a bunch of rewards.Saving Ser Gregor nets you a bunch of rewards.
Saving Ser Gregor nets you a bunch of rewards.

In any case, that is every part you might want to know concerning the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Until Demise Do Us Half quest and Dullahan boss combat. To study different terrifying foes, you may test our monster bosses information.

Fierce foes and dependable companions await you as you journey onward in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For different ideas and techniques, you may go to our guides hub.



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