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Where Is Xur Today? (March 29-April 2) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide

Certain, a few of the greatest and most sought-after weapons in Future 2’s lengthy historical past shall be pulled from the vault subsequent month and overhauled, however you’ll be able to by no means go fallacious with just a few Exotics to enhance these legendary instruments of destruction. Xur is right here as soon as once more with a refreshed collection of gear, which could turn out to be useful when the Onslaught mode goes reside in April. This is the place Xur is that this weekend and what he has on the market.

This week you will discover Xur in The Tower, contained in the Hangar. For his weapon, Xur is providing Black Talon. Hunters can decide up Aeon Swift gauntlets; Titans can seize Antaeus Wards leg armor; and Warlocks can purchase the Contraverse Maintain gauntlets.

Xur Location

Xur’s location within the Tower.

Spawn in utilizing the Courtyard transmat zone within the Tower to seek out Xur this week. Head left and down the steps to enter the Hangar part, then hold one other left. Make your solution to the north finish of the realm and search for a staircase that may take you onto a catwalk, the place Xur is ready.

Xur Unique and Legendary Objects

  • Unique Engram – 97 Legendary Shards
  • Black Talon – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Aeon Swift – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Antaeus Wards – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Contraverse Maintain – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon – 200 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, 1 Unique Cipher
  • Xenology quest – Free
  • Legendary weapons and armor – 50 Legendary Shards, 1,000 Glimmer

Unique Armor

Aeon Swift (Unique Hunter gauntlets)

Aeon Swift
Aeon Swift

These Hunter Unique gauntlets provide a number of perks to assist enhance your efficacy in battle, relying on the Sect mod you may have lively. They work fairly properly in the event you’re enjoying in a group of Hunters and everybody else is carrying one in all these Exotics with a special mod, making them notably helpful in PvP. The roll on this construct favors mobility, mind, and restoration, with resilience, self-discipline, and power being fairly low, so you may want to put in some armor mods in the event you’re planning to put on this throughout your subsequent match within the Crucible.

  • Mobility: 15
  • Resilience: 8
  • Restoration: 11
  • Self-discipline: 6
  • Mind: 18
  • Energy: 7
  • Complete: 65

Antaeus Wards (Unique Titan leg armor)

Antaeus WardsAntaeus Wards
Antaeus Wards

With the Reflective Vents armor Perk, Antaeus Wards offers your Titan a frontal protect to mirror harm after they slide with full class means vitality. Reflecting harm will deplete your class vitality meter, however in the event you’ve ever run throughout a Titan carrying these in PvP, you understand simply how lethal their slide-and-shotgun combo is. This Unique has a excessive mobility stat, and whereas that is one thing Titans do not normally prioritize, it really works fairly properly with this armor. Self-discipline and power are fairly good as properly, however resilience and mind is sort of low so you may have to pump these up with some armor mods to get probably the most out of those fancy boots.

  • Mobility: 26
  • Resilience: 2
  • Restoration: 7
  • Self-discipline: 19
  • Mind: 2
  • Energy: 12
  • Complete: 68

Contraverse Maintain (Unique Warlock gauntlets)

Contraverse HoldContraverse Hold
Contraverse Maintain

For the Warlock who loves hurling Void-energy grenades round, Contraverse Maintain will do a fairly good job holding them alive for somewhat longer. Charging a Void grenade permits you to withstand incoming harm whereas touchdown a success with them will return some grenade vitality again to your meter. Whereas this Unique has an excellent self-discipline stat, it additionally has an unnecessarily excessive mobility stat and low resilience numbers. Energy can be good on this roll, however mind takes a giant knock. Get it in the event you do not have already got it, however this model of Contraverse Maintain is somewhat too random with its allocation of stat factors.

  • Mobility: 20
  • Resilience: 2
  • Restoration: 12
  • Self-discipline: 14
  • Mind: 2
  • Energy: 14
  • Complete: 64

Unique Weapons

Black Talon (Unique sword)

Black TalonBlack Talon
Black Talon

Black Talon is a fairly good Unique sword that Xur would not provide too usually. It really works nice in close-quarters, however you can even fireplace a heavy projectile assault from it. In the event you’re enjoying as a Titan, throw on some Stronghold Unique gauntlets and run a Strand Banner of Struggle construct to get probably the most out of this sword.

  • Crow’s Wings
  • Tempered Edge
  • Heavy Guard
  • Tireless Blade

Hawkmoon (Unique hand cannon)


This can be a fairly respectable roll of Hawkmoon this week, because the Eye of the Storm weapon perk offers you a combating likelihood once you’re outgunned in a struggle. This can be a pretty well-liked perk in PvP, so decide this hand cannon up in the event you’re planning to enter that Future 2 mode this weekend.

  • Paracausal Shot
  • Full Bore
  • Alloy Journal
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Clean Grip

Legendary Armor

Titan Sort Mobility Resilience Restoration Self-discipline Intelligence Energy Complete
Simulator Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets 10 12 10 12 2 19 65
Simulator Plate Titan Chest Armor 6 20 6 7 2 23 64
Entanglement Mark Titan Mark 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Simulator Helm Titan Helmet 10 12 10 26 2 6 66
Simulator Greaves Titan Leg Armor 2 11 18 6 7 18 62
Warlock Sort
Simulator Gloves Warlock Gauntlets 20 6 6 20 10 2 64
Simulator Robes Warlock Chest Armor 10 12 10 10 16 6 64
Entanglement Bond Warlock Bond 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Simulator Hood Warlock Helmet 2 18 11 2 19 12 64
Simulator Legs Warlock Leg Armor 16 16 2 11 10 12 67
Hunter Sort
Simulator Grips Hunter Gauntlets 10 21 2 10 6 15 64
Simulator Vest Hunter Chest Armor 20 2 10 2 10 19 63
Entanglement Cloak Hunter Cloak 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Simulator Masks Hunter Helmet 2 15 16 10 6 15 64
Simulator Boots Hunter Leg Armor 6 20 6 6 2 26 66

Legendary Weapons

False Guarantees Kinetic Auto Rifle Arrowhead Brake / Full Bore Excessive-Caliber Rounds / Mild Magazine Dynamic Sway Discount Swashbuckler Tier 2: Stability
Threaded Needle Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle Prolonged Barrel / Polygonal Rifling Accelerated Coils / Liquid Coils Rangefinder Vorpal Weapon Tier 2: Reload Velocity
Far Future Power Sniper Rifle Arrowhead Brake / Polygonal Rifling Accurized Rounds / Alloy Journal Quickdraw Frenzy Tier 2: Stability
Vulpecula Kinetic Hand Cannon Polygonal Rifling / Smallbore Accurized Rounds / Prolonged Magazine Shoot to Loot Concord Tier 2: Dealing with
Below Your Pores and skin Power Fight Bow Tactile String / Excessive Stress String Fiberglass Arrow Shaft / Pure Fletching Tunnel Imaginative and prescient Adaptive Munitions Tier 2: Goal Acquisition
Planck’s Stride Heavy Machine Gun Arrowhead Brake / Smallbore Prolonged Magazine / Regular Rounds Killing Wind One for All Tier 2: Reload Velocity
Spare Rations Kinetic Hand Cannon Full Bore / Polygonal Rifling Appended Magazine / Armor-Piercing Rounds Shifting Goal Kinetic Tremors Tier 2: Dealing with

Xur is current each weekend in Future 2, beginning with the every day reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET every Friday. His precise location is all the time a thriller when he first arrives, as he isn’t listed on the map, and for novice gamers, he will be simple to overlook. Nonetheless, there are a set variety of areas the place he takes up residence, together with the Tower Hangar space, on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and within the Winding Cove space of the EDZ.



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