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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Players Are Using Rotten Food And Mods To Combat Dragonsplague

Picture: Capcom / Prime Time News24

For the reason that launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom’s friction-filled motion RPG, gamers have been gripped by concern due to Dragonsplague. The in-game virus spreads between Pawns (NPC celebration members gamers can lease from one another on-line) and if not dealt with correctly, can wipe out the inhabitants of total in-game cities. What makes Dragonsplague particularly difficult is that the sport solely warns you if a Pawn is contaminated by refined adjustments of their actions. Although one merchandise is perhaps the important thing to recognizing the virus early—rotten meals.

Dragonsplague can’t infect meals and make it rotten, however it’s change into a sign amongst the Dragon’s Dogma 2 neighborhood that warns of the infectious illness. All Pawns are made by gamers after which despatched off into the sport’s on-line community the place they are often rented by others. The thought was first broached in a Steam Group thread titled “Dragonsplague – Tips on how to Warn Different Gamers,” the place customers instructed rotten meals be used as a common signal {that a} Pawn has been contaminated, together with score the Pawn with a coronary heart or thumbs up.

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The gift giving menu hovered over rotten beast-steak

Picture: Capcom / Prime Time News24

“You implicate that you just had been glad with the Pawn (therefore, the guts or thumbs up) however one thing is incorrect with it. (therefore the rotten meals.),” writes the person. Rotten meals is fairly low-cost and straightforward to return purchase as you’ll find it on this planet, or anticipate any meals it’s a must to rot after a given quantity of in-game time. When you rent an contaminated Pawn, dismissing them rapidly will maintain the remainder of your celebration from being contaminated, however it received’t remedy the contaminated Pawn. The one method to take away Dragonsplague from a Pawn fully is for his or her creator to kill (after which re-summon) them in their very own sport. This is the reason rotten meals is an important present. It warns a participant that their fundamental Pawn is spreading the illness, and permits for the neighborhood to collectively quell the virus by encouraging gamers to rid their Pawns of Dragonsplague.

After all, PC gamers have provide you with one other method to take care of Dragonsplague—take away it completely. It’s no shock that mods to let gamers decide out of the controversial function have popped up. Along with a mod that turns the virus off completely, different gamers have taken a extra measured strategy. There’s a mod to remedy Pawns who’re contaminated, and one other that provides gamers an in-game counter measuring how contaminated a Pawn is. When a Pawn reaches degree 10, they’ve terminal Dragonsplague.

The modding strategy does have the chance of erasing the supposed expertise of the sport, however for gamers who really feel the function is too anxious or unfair then the choice is there. Nonetheless the neighborhood strategy is extra elegant and embraces the sport’s design, utilizing the gifting system to encourage participant cooperation.

So in case you obtain rotten meals as a present in Dragon’s Dogma 2, someone is perhaps making an attempt to let you know one thing. Or they’re simply utilizing your Pawn as their very own private trash can. Nevertheless it nonetheless by no means hurts to test your Pawn for Dragonsplague.



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