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Angela Levin upset as Meghan Markle critic backfires: ‘You are very rude’

Royal professional Angela Levin abruptly left a dwell video chat after being referred to as ‘biased.’

The royal commentator, who mocked Meghan Markle for ‘establishing’ buddy Abigail Spencer’s newest promotion of the Duchess’ strawberry jams, felt insulted when presenter JJ Anisiobi refuted her argument.

Responding to the accusation, Ms Levin merely mentioned: “That is very impolite.”

Sharing Meghan’s thought course of behind the images with Abigail, JJ mentioned: “It is PR. She’s making an attempt to promote one thing. That is PR.”

Ms Levin mentioned in response: “I do know what PR is.” However JJ added: “With respect, you do not. You are saying it is arrange. It is a PR stunt.”

An upset and Levjn then replied: “You are right here to combat me so why do not you say goodbye. You are very impolite.”

Levin’s response upset JJ, who the commented: “That is what occurs whenever you problem folks. Some folks do not prefer it. And if folks cannot reply the truths, they dangle up.”



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